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The ClinCheck® software provides a 3-D virtual representation of the doctor’s prescribed treatment plan. The ClinCheck software also allows the doctor to visually review the treatment plan and request changes until satisfied with the movement.*

* Please note only limited changes are available when using Invisalign Assist

Invisalign ClinCheck 3.0 User Guide (PDF)
A complete resource for using the ClinCheck software.

Tooth Movement Assessment (PDF)
Provides detailed explanation on the Tooth Movement Assessment Form, part of every ClinCheck treatment plan.

Invisalign Clinical Preferences
Understand how the Invisalign clinical preferences on the prescription form affect the ClinCheck treatment plan. Includes the purpose for each clinical preference, an explanation of the default settings for each, and to which Invisalign treatment options each is applicable.

Invisalign ClinCheck 3.0 Animated Tutorials
These brief animated tutorials provide assistance with the most common ClinCheck tasks.

Quick Start Guide: Reviewing ClinCheck Treatment Plans and Communication Tips (PDF)
Simple instructions for a successful ClinCheck review. Also included are tips to help doctors get desired treatment alterations when requesting changes to a patient’s ClinCheck treatment plan.

Quick Start Guide: ClinCheck Clinical Evaluation Checklist (PDF)
Provides the clinical questions to assess a ClinCheck treatment plan during review. A thorough review of the ClinCheck treatment plan helps achieve outcomes that doctors expect.

Maximizing Your Treatment Planning with ClinCheck 3.0
Join Dr. Clark Colville as he reviews the newest features included in the ClinCheck 3.0 software, the latest Invisalign clinical protocols and provides tips on how to effectively communicate with the Invisalign Treat technicians.

Maximizing Your ClinCheck Review: Tips and Techniques to Get the Treatment Outcomes you Expect
In this recorded presentation, Dr Carlyn Phucas explains how to use simple yet effective ClinCheck strategies to get the patient outcomes you expect.